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Four Minutes to Suck Wind

HumansLet’s face it – when it comes to time, there is NEVER enough of it.  Or at least, there never seems to be enough time to do the things you WANT to do.  Our days are filled with work, errands, housework, schlepping our kids (or our dogs) every which way – by the time we’re off the clock, how can we expect to fit in a workout?

Now, if we’re honest with ourselves, not every day is entirely time-sucking.  It may feel that way, but most of the time it just takes some creativity and a solid mental shift to allow ourselves the time for self care. The time is there, we just need to take it.

But what do you do on those occasions where an unexpected bump in the road completely decimates your schedule and leaves you with little more than a commercial break for that day’s training?