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The Resolution Revolution

The Road Ahead by mkrigsman, on Flickr

The Road Ahead by mkrigsman, on Flickr

Well, we made it!  The holidays are over, and 2015 is here and in full swing. So, I have to ask – how are those resolutions coming along?

According to a study in 2014,  45% of Americans usually make New Year’s Resolutions; the number 1 being to “Lose Weight”, with “Staying Fit and Healthy” following along at number 4.  The study goes on to report that 64% maintain their resolution after the first month, and that number drops to 46% by 6 months.  Sadly, when all is said and done, a whopping 8% manage to succeed in their stated resolution.  With statistics like that, what can we do to make sure that we fall don’t fall into the group that fizzles out and loses steam by February?

For me it’s a simple matter of semantics.  Rather than making resolutions, I set goals.  What’s the big difference?  Let’s look at their respective definitions, according to Dictionary.com:


Don’t freeze your @#$ off


Image courtesy of The Infatuated on Flickr

Image courtesy of The Infatuated on Flickr

Last night, the NY Tri-state area saw the first real snowfall of the season. With temperatures continuing to dip, and snow falling across the country, you might be tempted to squirrel yourselves away indoors and forgo that outdoor walk, bike or run.  While I certainly don’t advocate hitting the roads in a blizzard, when the temperatures drop that doesn’t mean you have to head inside and bask in the fluorescent glow of overhead lighting.

With a little foresight and planning, even cold weather can be conducive to your physical health! 



Courtesy of Artful Magpie on Flirk

Courtesy of Artful Magpie on Flickr

Everywhere you turn, you find someone touting the next new exercise craze – sandbags, logs, blades, suspension trainers, vibrating plates, balance boards, yoga on surfboards.  Patting your head and rubbing your belly – you name it, and chances are someone has patented and/or copyrighted it.

Why?  What is it about the concept of movement that leads people to believe that complicated equals better?

Don’t misunderstand me – all of these things have their uses.  There’s room for virtually every tool in most people’s toolbox.  Suspension trainers, for example, are great for unloading a squat or lunge and allowing people to work through a greater range of motion.  They are helpful when space and equipment are at a minimum.  But if your trainer has you doing foot supported push-ups when you can’t do at least 10 full push-ups on the floor –  it’s time to take a step back and ask yourself some questions:  (more…)

Image courtesy of pengrin on flikr

The leaves are changing color, there’s a nip in the air, pumpkin spice is king, supermarkets are filled with Halloween candy and I may have seen a Christmas decoration (or two).  While we have another few days until we turn the clocks, it’s safe to say that summer is most definitely over and Fall is in full swing. I love this time of year.  For me Fall represents a new start (after all, that’s when the new school year begins).  But along with that fresh beginning, Fall brings with it a plethora of challenges when it comes to our fitness and nutrition goals.   From the beginning of September until January 2nd, it seems as though we are slowly moving from one holiday to the next, each one increasing in demand and intensity until we are consumed.  The family meals and holiday parties can test our nutritional resolve, and time seems to slip away from us before we manage to get in that workout we had intended to squeeze in.  Before we know it, New Year’s has come and gone and we are left with a basket full of “should haves” and the best of intentions to get back on track.

But what if this year we can reach the finish line and cross over into 2015 with absolutely no fanfare at all?  What if we can move through the season with confidence and a sense of purpose, and come through on the other end ready to tackle the new year with increased enthusiasm, rather than regret?  You can – if you’re willing and able to open your eyes and shift your perspective.  (more…)