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Who am I?


Who am I, and why should you care? I’m a full time trainer, coach and fitness consultant based in Rockland County, NY (north of NYC but NOT upstate).  A certified personal trainer, StrongFirst Kettlebell,  and experienced Barbell Coach,  I believe that the barbell lifts and Kettlebell work are the cornerstones of an effective strength and conditioning program for most EVERYone.  This simple and basic total body approach to training is the foundation of my training philosophy and has a proven track record of success, from young athletes to silver sneakers and everybody (and yes, that even includes YOU!) in between.

Most importantly, I’m a mom (my munchkin is in first grade) and a busy professional, so I KNOW and completely understand how difficult it is to carve the time out to exercise and eat well.  If you’re totally over trying to do it on your own, hit me up – I would love to help you get from where you are now, to where you want to be.